Forgot momentarily I have a fractured kneecap.

Squatted down in front of the tv.

Screamed the motherloving house down!

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I just laughed so loudly I startled myself.

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remember that time Paris Hilton made fun oh herself on Supernatural


this actually happened


Benedict Cumberbatch helps Madame Tussauds artists out with the early sculpting for his new wax figure[HQ]

thesearchforsanctuary said: Poor thing! I’m so sorry to hear. Hope things get better as quickly as possible. Sending you all the love & hugs & kisses! xxxladye2484 said: Sorry to hear you’ve had such a terrible time lately Helly, sending u lots of love & hugs xxxbuffyfan145 said: I’m so sorry about your grandma. :hugs: Hope you’re feeling better too.soontobeanearlswife said: So sorry to hear you have been having a bad time. I hope your are feeling better soon xxxx p.s Doc who was amazeballs and yes Tom still has that affect on most people :-Dtomandbensbitch said: Sorry about your grandmother my dear - my dad died the same way when he was 50. It can be such a shock… Hope your knee heals quickly!! XXX

ruedesarchives said: Gah!!!! You poor thing. Sending you hugs and warm wishes, honey.

Thank you so much for your kind words - lotsa love xx

If there’s anyone reading this I just want to let you know I’m still here. I’ve had a pretty crazy time of late. Lost my grandma last week to a massive brain haemorrhage. Very sudden. Very sad. And on the same day I managed to dislocate my knee which resulted in it being fractured. Bit shit.

Anyway I’m here. I’m happy Sherlock won at the Emmys. I loved Doctor Who. Tom still makes me smile. I hope you’re all well. Lotsa love x

thesearchforsanctuary asked: Haha I try to be delightful, love! Hope you had an epic day and never worry about your age - you are as beautiful and gorgeous as ever. (Also some things only get better with time;) ) Oh you know I always rub along somehow haha. Take care, sweetheart! xxx

You always say the sweetest things. Thankyou lovely lady xxx

Benedict Cumberbatch as Bernard in Small Island (x)



Thanks Mr. Williams, for these and many other characters.

This is painful and beautiful



Thanks Mr. Williams, for these and many other characters.

This is painful and beautiful

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